User Guide: Any Video Converter

Audio Filter: Adjust Volume, Loudness, and Add Audio Effects

Don't let loudness or volume ruin your audio project! If you're dealing with a recording that's too quiet, parts much louder than the rest, and other annoying issues – Any Video Converter has got you covered. Discover an easy way to adjust sound levels for whatever situation comes up in this helpful tutorial guide.

Step 1

Open the Audio Filter Tool

Launch the Audio Filter tool from Any Video Converter Toolkits.

main interface
Step 2

Add Files

Drag & drop to add audio files or click the "+ Add Audio" button to select audio files and import to the program.

add audio files
Step 3

Adjust Volume

The Audio Filter tool has the ability to modify an audio file's volume level, whether it be too low or high. It offers an easy way to adjust the sound level of music with a simple adjustment in decibel (dB) and loudness. Whether you need louder beats or softer melodies, this tool allows you to get perfect acoustic levels for any project.

adjust volume and loudness
Step 4

Save the Changes or Add it to Assembly

Click the Start button to save the changes, or click the Add to Workflow button to add it to Workflow.