User Guide: Any Video Converter

Video Merger: How to Merge Clips into One Video

If you have some short clips, vlogs, trailers, music videos, and movie cuts, and you want to combine these cuts into one video to create your masterpiece, you can use Any Video Converter Merger tool. Here is how to use Any Video Converter Merger tool to merge multiple segments or clips into one video, and add transitions between two videos.

Step 1

Open the Merge Video Tool

Go to the Toolkits of Any Video Converter and select the Merge Video tool.

main interface
Step 2

Add Videos

Click the + Add Video button or drag & drop to add video files.

add video

Our innovative program quickly and accurately analyses videos, listing the clips for convenient editing in just a few seconds! Simply drag and drop video segments to your desired order in an intuitive preview window.

add video
Step 3

Add Transitions

Click the add transitions button in between two video clips, then you will see a collection of motion effects in the right panel of the interface. Select one or none.

add transitions in between videos

Once you selected the motion effects, you can drag the duration bar to change the duration.

change transition duration
Step 4

Save the Merged Video or Add to Workflow

Click the Start button to export the merged video.

start merging videos

Or click the Add to Workflow to add it to workflow.

add to workflow

You can click "Video Tools" icon at the bottom of the workflow canva, and add the "Format Convert" tool to convert this merged video to other video formats.

add to workflow add format convert tool