User Guide: Any Video Converter (8.1)

Video Downloader: How to Download Videos from the Internet

Want to make sure you never miss a favorite video? With the right tools, downloading clips from the web is simple and secure. Check out how to use the Video Downloader tool to obtain stunning digital content for free without fail.

Step 1

Open VideoDownloader Tool

On the main interface, select "Video Downloader" under "Single Tools" section.

main interface
Step 2

Add Files

Easily add videos to your list by copying and pasting the address into the box.

add url

With a single paste of the video link, the program begins its analysis.

analyse video files
Step 3

Configure Download Settings

Once analyzed, the video file will be made visible with an accompanying title and description that accurately display its duration. On the right of the interface, you will have the options to download "Video only", "Audio only" or "Video with audio" for Downloading Setting.

select video quality

If you select the "Video with audio" option, you can click Manual tab to customize Video Format, Audio Format, Resolution, Audio Bitrates and Video Bitrate according to your preference. Or click Auto tab to determine the downloading settings automatically.

Step 4

Start Downloading the Video

Click the "Start" button to start downloading any video from the internet.

start downloading videos