User Guide: Any Video Converter (8.1)

Adjust Color: How to Adjust Contrast, Saturation, and Other Parameters to Change the Color of Your Video

If you want to manually edit video colors by adjusting its brightness, temperature, contrast, and other parameters, just select the set of parameters you want to change in the Color Adjustment tool.

Step 1

Open Color Adjustment Tool

On the main interface, select "Color Adjustment" under "Single Tools" section.

main interface
Step 2

Add Videos

As soon as the Color Adjustment tool is opened, the File Browse window will pop up. Then browse the folder and open a video

add video
Step 3

Adjust Different Color Settings as Per Your Requirements

Once your video is added, you can adjust the level of brightness, saturation, contrast, white balance, color temperature, hue, sharpness, and graininess with the help of the sliders.

ajust video color
Step 4

Save the Video or Add it to Workflow

Click the "Start" button to save and output video.

start converting video

Or click the "Add to Workflow" button to add this tool to Workflow, for example, you can add the "Video Converter" tool to convert this video to an output format that is great for social media or as per your requirements.

add to workflow add to workflow add to workflow

As soon as the processing is finished, click the "View output file" button to find the well-processed file.

view output file