License FAQs

  • Q1: I paid but did not receive license code. Why?

You will receive the confirmation email with license code upon the transaction of your order. Please check your inbox.

If you do not receive confirmation email with license code, please check the spam folder to see if the auto-generated email is marked as spam.

If there is no confirmation email at all, then it must be blocked out by the filter of your email service provider. To retrieve your license code, please refer to What if I lost the license code?


  • Q2: How to register the product?

Please note that you cannot register from Any Video Converter Free Version.

After you have downloaded the program, please install and run the evaluation version of the program, click the menu "Help > Enter License Code". There will be a popup dialog box for you to enter license Email and code. You may enter the Email and Code, and click OK. You may restart the program to activate the registration.


  • Q3: My license is invalid. What shall I do?

There are two possibilities:

1. Blank spaces are accidentally added.
Please mind that license information is case-sensitive. Do not enter any extra blank space to the registration Email or code.
2. The license does not match the program.
Please note that we have several similar but different programs. Please match the license with the very program you use.
For instance, if you purchase Any DVD Converter, but accidentally download Any Video Converter, then you will fail to register the program. You shall download Any DVD Converter instead.

  • Q4: Does the license work for both Windows and Mac version?

No, our program’s license does not work for both Mac and Windows version. Generally, Mac and Windows products are two different programs for two different operation systems, which mean you couldn't register your software for Mac with the license for windows. You need to purchase a Mac version and then enter the license for Mac.


  • Q5: Can I use one license on multiple computers?

No, basically our program’s license code is one license for one computer only.


  • Q6: My code becomes invalid after installing the new version. Why?

It's probably that you didn't download the right software, e.g., your code is for Any DVD Converter but you accidently downloaded Any Video Converter. Therefore, you will receive this message "Sorry, the registration name/Email and code are not valid" while trying to register. Please make sure to download the correct software from our website.


  • Q7: What if I lost the license code?

Please contact us at support [at] (replace [at] as @ before sending message) to request your original license. Please provide us with detailed information about your purchase, such as email address, user name, etc.


  • Q8: I need to register the program every time I want to use it. Why?

If you use the program with a user account that has no administrative privileges, the program may go back to evaluation version once you logoff.

You can solve this problem by installing program as administrator. Right-click on the setup file (.exe) and select "Run as administrator", enter the administrator's password and install the program.

Any Video conveter Ultimate

If you want to register this program under a limited user, please refer to Q9, after the 5th step, register this program.


  • Q9: How can I register or run the program with full control under a limited user?

Please follow the steps below to run the program with a limited user account:

1. Login your administrative account.

2. Go to the install directory, right click on "Any Video (DVD) Converter Professional" folder and click "properties". Normally, the directory is C:\program files\AnvSoft\Any Video (DVD) Converter Professional.

3. If there is a Security tab, open it, select the users group, in the Permission for Users section, select "full control" and apply.

4. If there is no security tab, open "Control Panel", open "Administrative Tools", open "Local Security Policy", unfold "Local Policies" and select "Security Options", in the right panel, you can find "Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts", double click to open and change it to "Classic - local users authenticate as themselves" and apply. Then go back to "Any Video (DVD) Converter Professional" folder and click "properties". Then follow the third step.

5. Log off and switch to the limited user, then open the program.


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