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How to Download and Transfer YouTube Videos to Huawei P9 Plus

Download and Transfer Online Videos to Huawei P9

Huawei's new flagship smartphone for 2016 is here, and its big claim to fame is a pair of Leica-certified cameras. The 5.2-inch Huawei P9 Plus has a traditional 12-megapixel camera, but right next to it is another, monochrome 12-megapixel module. Working together, the two sensors can improve contrast in photos by 50 percent and triple the light information taken in by the phone.

Just got the newest Huawei P9 Plus and want to download and enjoy YouTube videos on Huawei P9 Plus. This article should help you a lot.

How to Download and Enjoy YouTube Videos on Huawei P9 Plus

Before downloading YouTube videos to Huawei P9 Plus, please download this YouTube Video Downloader first, with which you can download and transfer Youtube videos to Huawei P9 Plus whenever you need.

YouTube Video Downloader for Huawei P9 Plus 5 Stars

download YouTube videos for Huawei P9

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Mac VersionDownload Huawei P9 Plus Video Downloader for Mac

To Download and Transfer YouTube Videos to Huawei P9 Plus for Playbak Offline:


Step 1. Add video urls and start downloading Youtube videos for Huawei P9 Plus.

Go to YouTube or your favorite video site to search for the video your would like to save and then copy the YouTube video download link from YouTube webpage. Press the Add URLs button, then a dialog will pop up, just click click plus icon icon.

download video with iPhone 6s/Plus Video Converter

Step 2. Ppaste the download link to it.

Step 3. Click Start Download! Button, choose video download format and start downloading.


To find the downloaded videos, simply show the file management panel and click the profile in the left panel, then Right-click the Downloaded file, click Open Destination File Location from the pop-out menu.

Step 4. Connect your Huawei P9 Plus to computer with USB cable and transfer your downloaded YouTube videos to Huawei P9 Plus.

More Tips: record videos with Huawei P9 Plus YouTube Video Downloader?

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Have you ever encountered a problem like failing to download your favorite video to your Hauwei P9 Plus?

There is no need to worry about it, our user-friendly Huawei P9 Plus YouTube Video Dowloader equps with a powerful function which can record online streaming videos from Hulu, Metacafe, NetFlix, YouTube, Blockbuster, iTunes, Vimeo, MySpace, etc. . Following guide will help you get round about how to record movies.

Step 1. Run program, click "Record Video" tab on the top of the program to the video recording panel and click "Record Now"button to start recording.

record video with HTC ONE E9 Video Converter

Note: You are able to set the output folder you prefer to save your recorded video on the video recording panel. Or you can leave it as default.

Step 2. Play a video to record.

If the video is not currently playing, please play the video you want to record. Otherwise AVC Ultimate will detect the video region automatically.

Step 3. Click "REC" Button or press hotkey "Ctrl + F7" to start recording.

Step 4. Click the red Button to stop recording.

Step 5. Then the recorded video files will show on the main window of the program.

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