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How to Fix YouTube Video or Music Download Failed Problem

Various YouTube downloader are available in the market to help you download videos, music, playlists or movies from YouTube or other more sites for offline watching or saving to portable devices. The YouTube downloader includes browser plug-ins, online services and specific desktop software. For more stable and smoother using experience, more output format and output quality options, desktop software must be the most users’ choices.

Due to the constantly updated video coding, site design and layout, and any other updates from YouTube, you may encounter the errors when downloading YouTube videos including: YouTube "failed to download video file", "404 error" or other more. Here we will take one of the best YouTube downloader - Any Video Converter as an example to show you guys how to fix the error when downloading YouTube videos, music, playlists etc.

How to fix fail to download YouTube videos

The Solutions Available to Fix "Fail to Download YouTube Videos"

1. Check internet connection and YouTube is not blocked in your country

Please make sure that the internet is well connected and YouTube is not blocked in your country. And you can enter the valid Proxy server to make it work.

Proxy server on YouTube Downloader

2. Reset or temporarily disable the anti-virus program or firewall

The anti-virus program or firewall on your Windows PC may block or interface the downloading pr converting YouTube videos or music. You can reset the anti-virus program or firewall to allow the process. If you don't know how to configure the settings, you can just temporarily disable it.

3. How to fix "Download video file failed" error or other similar prompts?

I can not download from YouTube and get a message "Analyzing failed. Cannot determine video format to be downloaded" or downloader keeps looping "Analyzing successfully, start downloading videos", as a result "Download video file failed". Can you help?

(1) Keep the download engine or program updating.

Sometimes, you cannot download YouTube videos, music or movies because the download engine of the YouTube downloader is out of date. For example, Any Video Converter series have always been keeping updating, you just need to install the latest version of AVC or update your download engine from prompts.

Update the download engine

(2) Keep the video drive updated or flash player installed correctly.

If the YouTube downloader and the download engine are updated to the latest, please check that your video drive is updated, if not, please update it according to your Windows OS.

In other words, if you has a 34 bit flash player installed, it will block videos that run on 64 bit. You can install a 64 bit flash player to fix this error.

(3) Keep the Google Internet Authority updated.

If you use Google browser to access the YouTube website, you can follow the instructions to see whether your Google Internet Authority G2 from GeoTrustCA had expired. If it was expired, you can delete it and get a valid certificate from https://pki.google.com/. Then delete the old ones and try to download the YouTube videos, music with Any Video Converter or other YouTube downloader.

Here are the steps to manually remove an expired Google cert:

Run certmgr.msc -> menu -> action -> find certificates.

Choose "Look in Fields: issued to".

Type "google" at the "contains" field and click "find now".

Mark all the expired certs (useful to sort by exp. date), right click and choose "delete".

Get a valid certificate from https://pki.google.com/.

Run Any Video Converter or other YouTube downloader to download videos.

Delete the expired Google certs

3. How to fix "Insert failed" problem after add YouTube videos to downloader?

If you receive this error message "Cannot get media information from video file…pv.mp4, insert failed" while trying to add a YouTube video into the downloader, it’s probably that the video file name contains non-English character. To avoid downloading YouTube videos which have non-English file name not being recognized by the downloader, please go to Edit > Options > Online Video, and then uncheck "Use HTML Title as output file name" option before downloading.

If the solutions above still fail to fix the issue, you can contact the developer for help. For Any Video Converter "failed to download YouTube video files" error, you can send a message to [email protected] for help.

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